Wallpapers tagged with "goats"

Mountain goat on Mount Evans, near Denver, Colorado
West Caucasian tur father and kid
Goats in an argan tree near Essaouira, Morocco
Dall sheep, Yukon, Canada
A goat on the castle rocks in Myrina, on the isle of Lemnos, Greece
Pygmy goats headbutting
Rock Antelope in the French National Park Pyrenees
Pronghorn buck
Valais blacknose sheep in Valais, Switzerland
Alpine chamois in Gran Paradiso National Park, Italy
Sheep in the Peak District, Derbyshire
A father and a calf Ibex looking into the distance in Utah
Mountain goats at Glacier National Park in Montana, USA
Mountain goat kid in western Montana
Domestic donkey feeding on cherry twigs
Shetland Sheep, a traditional, hardy breed of the Northern Isles in Scotland