Wallpapers tagged with "ingredient"

Hardened maple syrup on a wooden stick sitting on ice, Elmira, Ontario
Different types of chocolates in a shop window
Setsubun soybeans
A bowl of noodles on a dark table
Setsubun lucky beans full of masu
Moon cake and tea
Chinese traditional dim sum, preserves and tea
Homemade dumplings in traditional steamer
Piggy snacks in a country wedding
Steamed ravioli in a steamer
Porcini mushroom
Lantern Festival
Happy New Year, China
Shanghai Qibao Ancient Town, cute red bean rabbit
Heart-shaped island, Indian Ocean, Maldives
ears of wheat with dew
Dried flowers and herbs at the Dubai Spice Souk in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Close up image of colourful Indian corn kernels in Mississauga, ON
Cueva de las Manos (Cave of the Hands), Santa Cruz, Argentina