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Judas tree with tulips and Atlantic hare bells, Germany
A pink fringed tulip in Ottawa
Red and white tulips for St George’s Day
Common rhododendrons in Semper Forest Park, Rügen, Germany
Small loch in Glen Etive, Scotland
"Chrysanthemum flower" Chofu City, Tokyo
Flowers and an ironwork fence in front of a house in New Orleans, Louisiana
Burrowing owls, Pawnee National Grassland in Colorado, USA
Summer meadow with sunflowers, Germany
An indigo bunting on a sunflower
Lotus flower
A close-up of bunchberry in Rose Blanche, Newfoundland
A close-up of a tulip from the Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa
A field bursting with red poppies, Trowbridge, Wiltshire
Lavender fields at lavender farm, Islip, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
VanDusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver, Canada
Poinsettia leaf close-up
Kawachi Fuji Garden, Kitakyushu, Japan
Workers in an incense field, Huyện Ứng Hòa district of Hanoi, Vietnam
Ezoris and Katakuri, Ezoengosaku flowers, Urausu Shrine, Hokkaido
Purple Saxifrage (Saxifraga oppositifolia) in bloom Bathurst Island, Nunavut
Pasque flower, Upper Palatinate, Bavaria, Germany
Tulip field in Miesbach, Bavaria, Germany
Fox cub in a flower meadow in Normandy
Claret cup cactus, Guadalupe Mountains National Park, Texas
Immature sunflower
Mt. Fuji and Moss Phlox, Fujikawaguchiko Town, Yamanashi Prefecture
Shikisai no Oka flower gardens in Biei, Japan
Green tree frog and water lily, Lake Kissimmee, Florida
American robin eggs, New Jersey, USA
"Blue morning glory"
Rhododendrons and azaleas blooming around Moon Bridge, Kubota Garden, Seattle, Washington
"Suigo Sawara Ayame Park" Katori City, Chiba Prefecture
Maple leaves with dewdrops
Ghost fungus on a tree in the Atherton Tablelands, Queensland, Australia
Aeonium leaf detail