Wallpapers tagged with "atmosphere"

Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo seen from the International Space Station
Fog along the coast, Newfoundland, Canada
Hills forested with fir and spruce trees near Meschede, Sauerland, North Rhine-Westphalia
Mont Blanc, topped by a lenticular cloud and a hot air balloon, Haute-Savoie
"Shadow Fuji reflected in the sea of clouds" Narusawa Village, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture
Mist surrounding a forest in Munnar, Kerala, India
The sun hidden by the moon during the total eclipse in La Higuera, Chile, on July 2, 2019
Aerial of the Amazon River Basin near Manaus, Brazil
Milky Way over the Southern Ocean, Australia
Hotel Fichtelberghaus and weather station on Fichtelberg Mountain, Ore Mountains, Saxony, Germany
The Cobb breakwater, Lyme Regis, Dorset, England
Winter scene in the mountains and setting sun, France
Aerial view of the Ochsenkopf and Schneeberg mountains, Bavaria, Germany
Dusk over a marina in Sandy Bay, Hobart, Tasmania
Foothills of the Diablo Range near San Jose, California, USA
Mount Etna erupting in 2013, Sicily, Italy
Mineral-laden water in the Rio Tinto in Minas de Rio Tinto mining area, Huelva province, Andalusia, Spain
Aerial image of Mount Logan rising above the clouds in Kluane National Park, Yukon
The Langdale Pikes in winter under fresh snow, Lake District, Cumbria
View of Wotton-Under-Edge, Cotswolds, in winter with snow
Clearing snowstorm, Yosemite National Park, California
Earth from the International Space Station
Mount Yoshino, Nara Prefecture, Japan
Star trail photography taken in Yellowknife
Trees in Wychwood Forest near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire
Halo around the Sun, Ore Mountains, Saxony, Germany
Northern Lights over open water in winter near Whitehorse, Yukon
Waning gibbous moon from the International Space Station
Wachsenburg Castle near Erfurt, Germany
Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley National Park, California, USA
Two Jack Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta
Aura River in Turku, Finland
Fall foliage in Mont-Tremblant National Park, Quebec
Tokyo Tower, Minato City, Tokyo, Japan
Happy National Day, China
The total lunar eclipse of 4 April 2015, Monument Valley, Utah, USA