Wallpapers tagged with "perching bird"

Mourning doves near Bear River, Nova Scotia, Canada
A robin and blue tit perched on a twig with frozen crab apples
A European goldfinch perched among rosehips in snow
A Cape white-eye perched
A female northern cardinal
Blue tit (Parus caeruleus) and rose hips in winter frost
Blue jay
Siberian jay, Putorana Plateau, Siberia, Russia
Blue tit chicks on a branch
A chaffinch perched on a snow-covered teasel in Kent, England
Male black-naped monarch
Beijing, April 3, 2009, Birds near the Zhu Hong wall are enjoying the beautiful weather
Robin perched on a rose hip branch in Norfolk
Common redpoll in Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Red wattlebird, Victoria, Australia
Male mountain bluebird in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Green-headed tanager in the Atlantic Forest, Brazil
[Today's Tanabata]
Prothonotary warbler in Ontario, Canada
Blue tit (left) and great tit in snowfall, Northern Vosges Regional Nature Park, France
A coal tit taking a break
Male Cape May warbler in spring
Pine grosbeak
Blue-headed wagtail amid yellow flowers, Hesse, Germany
Tree frog
Warbling white-eye among plum blossoms in Yokohama, Japan
Desert cardinals eating possumhaw holly berries in Starr County, Texas
Japanese robin, Yatsugatake, Nagano, Japan
Long-tailed tits in Erding, Germany
A European crested tit lands on a pine tree in France
A male pine warbler perched on an icy branch
Eastern robin, male feeding female
Bohemian waxwing feeding on crab apples, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Baya weaver in its nest, Pune, Maharashtra, India
"White plum and white-eye" Tokyo
Eastern bluebirds in Charlotte, North Carolina