Wallpapers tagged with "finch"

A European goldfinch perched among rosehips in snow
Mourning doves near Bear River, Nova Scotia, Canada
A chaffinch perched on a snow-covered teasel in Kent, England
A Cape white-eye perched
Green-headed tanager in the Atlantic Forest, Brazil
Common redpoll in Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Beijing, April 3, 2009, Birds near the Zhu Hong wall are enjoying the beautiful weather
Blue-headed wagtail amid yellow flowers, Hesse, Germany
Prothonotary warbler in Ontario, Canada
Bohemian waxwing feeding on crab apples, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Tree frog
Waxwings feeding on rowans
A male pine warbler perched on an icy branch
Red wattlebird, Victoria, Australia
Blue tit chicks on a branch
A robin and blue tit perched on a twig with frozen crab apples
European robin during a winter snowstorm, Peak District National Park, England
Siberian jay, Putorana Plateau, Siberia, Russia
Black-crested titmouse in Texas Hill Country
Male Cape May warbler in spring
Common kingfishers perched on a camera lens
A yellow-fronted woodpecker in Brazil
Blue tit (Parus caeruleus) and rose hips in winter frost
Black-capped Chickadee (Poecile atricapillus) in snowfall, Nova Scotia
"White plum and white-eye" Tokyo
Baya weaver in its nest, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Mandarin ducks perched on a branch
A blue tit amongst daffodils in Mid Wales, United Kingdom
Great tits, France
A bearded reedling in Elmley National Nature Reserve in Kent, England
Pine grosbeak
Burrowing parrots in Las Lajas, Argentina
Taiwan yuhina pair, Alishan National Scenic Area, Taiwan
A great tit perched on a branch
A European crested tit weathers a storm in Scotland
Long-tailed tits on Asiatic bittersweet, Hokkaido, Japan