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Cows in Thurgau, Switzerland
Mountain goat herd on a hillside near Exit Glacier, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska
Cow with calf in a rural field for Mother’s Day
Salisbury Cathedral with grazing flock of sheep, Wiltshire
American bison on the Little Missouri River in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota
Manatees in Blue Spring State Park, Florida
Three lambs frolicking in Christchurch, New Zealand
African bush elephant herd, Okavango Delta, Botswana
Belted Galloway cows in Galloway
Cows in Tannheimer Tal, a high valley in Tyrol, Austria
Highland cattle in a field of heather on the Isle of Skye,  Scotland
American bison, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA
Icelandic sheep
Bengal tiger, Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan, India
American bison, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA
Shetland Sheep, a traditional, hardy breed of the Northern Isles in Scotland
Rietvlei Nature Reserve, South Africa
American bison in Antelope Island State Park, Utah
Bactrian camels, Kazakhstan
Gelada monkeys in Simien Mountains National Park, northern Ethiopia
Mountain goats, Yukon, Canada
Barren-ground caribou in Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska, USA
Bison at Wind Cave National Park, South Dakota
Cattle during an annual overnight round-up, Andes Mountains, Ecuador
Highland cattle in Drenthe province, Netherlands
Zebras in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania
Reticulated giraffe nuzzles her calf in Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya
Herd of Highland cattle in winter
Southern white rhinoceros mother and calf
Greater one-horned rhinoceroses, Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India
"Red fox cub" Hokkaido
Burchell's zebra mother and foal in Rietvlei Nature Reserve, South Africa
Sheep with a border collie in England
Asiatic elephants at Jim Corbett National Park, India
Bison in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
African bush elephants in Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe