Wallpapers tagged with "seabird"

Northern gannet (Morus bassanus) in flight, Troupe Head RSPB Reserve, Aberdeenshire
A blue-footed booby dives off San Cristóbal Island, Ecuador
Black-browed albatrosses in the Falkland Islands
Male Atlantic puffin gives his mate nesting material, Skomer Island, Wales
Northern gannets on the Saltee Islands, Ireland
Kelp goose on Cole-Cole Beach, Chiloé National Park, Chiloé Island, Chile
Common terns sharing a small fish
American white pelican in flight, Red River, Lockport, Manitoba, Canada
A heron perches on a piling at the Salton Sea in California, USA
Northern gannet at Bonaventure Island and Percé Rock National Park, Quebec, Canada
Puffins among sea campion on Skomer Island, Pembrokeshire, Wales
A tundra swan on the Mississippi River in Monticello, Minnesota, USA
Two herons fighting over fish on the Tam River in Stockport, Greater Manchester
Blue-footed booby during a courtship display in the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador
Greater flamingos, India
Whooping cranes, South Dakota, USA
Pelicans in flight, near Bandon, Oregon
Mute swan in Valkenhorst Nature Reserve, near Valkenswaard, the Netherlands
Blue-footed booby, Galápagos Islands, Ecuador
Sandhill cranes and mallard ducks, Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico, USA
Great cormorants, Hesse, Germany
Sanderlings, Brittany, France
Raft of sea otters in Sitka Sound, near Sitka, Alaska
Royal albatross couple playing on Campbell Island, New Zealand
Profile of an Australian pelican
Mandarin ducks, South Korea
Hamerkop standing on a hippo, Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe
Killer whales in the waters off Spildra, Norway
Flamingos in the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve in Bolivia
Surfer at Nanarigahama, Kanagawa Kamakura
Red-necked grebes, Germany
Gentoo penguins near Danco Island, Antarctica
Great blue herons in the Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Delray Beach, Florida, USA
A snowy owl pictured in Quebec City
Dalmatian pelicans on ice, Lake Kerkini, Greece